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learn these tips to clean mirrors and get a perfect reflection every time without leaving streaks

Dirty and scratched mirrors are a common problem in every home. Look at the tips to clean mirrors we bring for you.

Everyone, if they had the chance, would eliminate mirror cleaning from their cleaning checklist. Why? Well, because cleaning mirrors is not a difficult task. However, owners «and some expert cleaners» don’t like to wrestle with streaks.

Mirrors tend to accumulate a lot of grime and stains from toothpaste, handprints, dust, dirt, etc. Sometimes, no matter how carefully you clean them, there are always those impressions of where you last cleaned.

Are you one of those people who hates cleaning mirrors because of those annoying scratches? The key is in the details! Get a crisp, perfect reflection with these simple mirror-cleaning tips.

The best methods for cleaning mirrors for a streak-free, lint-free finish

Read these tips to clean mirrors and get ready for streak-free mirrors!

1. Remove the dirt first

If the mirror is full of smudges and grime, wiping the entire surface will only resettle the dirt. Instead, use a microfiber towel and rubbing alcohol to remove stuck-on dirt first.

Apply the alcohol directly onto the clean microfiber cloth, and wipe the entire surface in a Z-shaped motion, paying attention to fingerprints, toothpaste splatters, grease stains, and any other visible smudges.

Then, dry the mirror with a clean microfiber towel using the same zigzag motions. If stubborn stains refuse to come out, continue scrubbing and let the alcohol act for a few minutes.

2. Use purified water

In many homes, tap water has a large amount of mineral buildup. It will result in hard water. So if your home has hard water, your cleaning solution may be the reason for your mirror fogging.

When hard water dries out, it leaves behind tiny particles of minerals that can make the mirror blurry. When we talk about cleaning mirrors, even a tiny amount of mineral buildup could cause streaking.

The best to do, in this case, is to prepare your homemade cleaning solutions using distilled water for cleaning tasks, reducing the chances of ending up with a streaky mirror.

3. Avoid commercial glass cleaners

Commercial glass cleaners that are effective for other household cleaning tasks can be detrimental for mirrors, causing fogging, blurring, streaking, and worse, it is because they often contain too much soap or harsh chemicals such as ammonia.

For cleaning mirrors, we recommend using the most economical and sustainable option as DIY cleaning solutions with ingredients you may have on hand as vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, or even isopropyl alcohol. But, if you opt for a commercial mirror cleaner anyway, choose one specifically formulated for glass from a trusted brand.

With house cleaners app you will be able to get what you are looking for. You can also try a different cleaner, either warm soapy water or natural water if you’ve been having trouble with scratches.

4. Rely on warm soapy water

If you’re cleaning a heavily soiled mirror, your best bet may be to use warm water with a few drops of dish soap. You don’t need to use excess soap to remove the grime while using less product will also decrease the chances of streaking.

Another big tips to clean mirrors is that, you can use a homemade vinegar and water solution, which is greener, less toxic, and less expensive. It also keeps your bathroom mirror from fogging up after showering for a long time.

Mix half vinegar and half warm water in a spray bottle and shake vigorously, and you have the perfect solution to eliminate stains and streaks on the mirror. Spray the solution directly onto the mirror and leave it on for several minutes before wiping it off and drying it with a microfiber cloth, and enjoy your shiny work!

5. Use a microfiber cloth

Paper towels and newspapers used to clean mirrors often leave residue on glass surfaces, such as lint, dust, and unsightly streaks. Instead, use a microfiber cloth. It is the best way to clean mirrors, as in addition to being less likely to leave streaks or lint on glass, it is excellent for cleaning glass surfaces because it is better at trapping dirt and liquids.

6. Rinse under running water

Using many cleaning solutions will not guarantee that your mirror will be streak-free. It is because streaks are accumulated dirt and chemical residue from cleaning products. To remove them, rinse the mirror with running water and a microfiber towel.

7. Wait for the mirror to dry to look for streaks

To finish with the tips to clean mirrors, some tiny scratches will not be easy to detect, so once the mirror dries, look at it from different positions. If you notice any streaks, wipe them vigorously with a microfiber cloth.

Maintaining a cleaning routine is the best way to avoid the dirt that keeps mirrors from looking shiny. The more frequently you clean them, the easier the task will be.

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