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home cleaners app

app to hire a house cleaner



Receive bids from our vetted providers. Review cleaners profile to find out about them, their experience and past jobs and also read reviews from previous clients.


Our bidding process will guarantee you get the best price in the industry. Our app will also help you estimate what the current fair price for the job should be.


Post a job, get bids, choose cleaner, book a job, PAY, reschedule, modify job, Message cleaner, review your experience, Easy and fast thought the APP.


All jobs through our APP are insured to protect you and your house. Our on boarding process require background checks, references checking and training. We make sure only trustworthy and experienced cleaners visit your home.


Posting a job will take you less than one minute. And few clicks.

After choosing your address (Which will be visible only to the cleaner you assign the job) you will have to select the size of your house, or the area of your house you want to get clean.

Then you can choose any extra services that may not be included on a normal maintenance cleaning (You can read what is included In a regular cleaning here) like a deep cleaning, inside cabinets, oven or fridge, laundry, or interior windows.

Then you can choose if this will be a onetime cleaning service, or may be a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly house cleaning. (You will receive cheaper price per clean if you are looking for a recurring services).

You can choose to add pictures of your areas of concern, or comments to describe any special requirements you’re looking for to help cleaners properly understand what your are looking for.

Finally, when do you want the service done? Do you have a specific day and a time? Or maybe you have a range of days or times that work for you? Our cleaners are pretty busy, giving them a range could help you get more bids from available cleaners. But we will always have cleaners available to handle your last moment house cleaning emergencies.

Your job is now visible (your personal information is private) to all the cleaners in your area and you will start receiving bids quickly from our vetted and professional house cleaners.

Cleaners List will also give you an estimation on how long the job would take and what the average price for a job like that would be, to help you choose the right house cleaner.


We will make it easy for you to choose a house cleaner that you can trust.

The first thing you need to know is that all cleaners registered in the app have gone though our onboarding process. We meet with them at out office, interview them about their experience, interviewed their references to learn about their work, ran a background check on them and collect all documentation about their company and insurance to make sure they are professional cleaners.

Only house cleaners that have fully pass our on-boarding process and completed our training program will have an active profile in our app.


Place a BID

The cleaners will send you their price and tentative service date, and also answer some basic questions about their cleaning equipment and products, prevention on spread of virus, language or crew size.

You will also be able to review their profile where you can read their Bio, see how many past jobs they have done through the app and read past client reviews.

No matter what house cleaner you choose, CleanersList will make sure is someone you can trust to do a good job.


Pay, re-schedule, cancel or modify the job… all with a few clicks.

No need to be looking for cash or writing a check every time the cleaner come to your house. You will pay through our safe third-party payment processors.

If something come up and you need to change the date and time of you cleaning service, or maybe you don’t need the service anymore. You can easily change the date or cancel the service.

Or maybe you decided you want to the basement of your house to the work, but your booked job request only included your main floor. Not a problem. Modify the job to add the new requirements.

You can also message the cleaner from the app, without the need to share your number, to provide them with guidance or ask them questions.

We want to make it easy for you to get your house clean.