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Here are some helpful tips to keep Office Kitchen Clean: read on to learn about them!

Office kitchen clean is very important. If it is messy it will be a constant struggle, in almost all workplaces with these conditions it is like this. It’s incredibly frustrating when some people don’t take responsibility for their share of office cleanliness, leaving the mess for others to deal with. Dirty dishes, food crumbs on tables, old food packages: it really can be unpleasant!

It must be repeated, keeping the office kitchen clean is essential. Otherwise, it could:

  • Create an unpleasant working environment and affect the well-being of the staff.
  • Give a poor impression to visitors to your business.
  • pose health and safety risks to employees due to foodborne illnesses or injuries from slipping on wet floors.

Poor office hygiene can also seriously affect employee morale, as working in an unclean place means that the employer does not care about the welfare of its staff.

In addition, an unpleasant office kitchen can also force employees to eat lunch at their desks, which could increase the risk of illness due to the accumulation of bacteria on office equipment in the workspace. Therefore, it is in the best interest of managers and staff to have a clean and properly maintained kitchen.

Office kitchen cleaning tips that can work for you

If you have been struggling with this problem, it might be time to try different solutions or consider hiring a professional cleaning service. And if you need to clean the kitchen of your house, it is best that you use the app to hire a house cleaner by CleanersList. Either way, here are our office kitchen cleaning tips that can work for you.

Do your part!

Office kitchens wouldn’t be so messy if we all worked to keep them clean! Be conscious of your behavior in your office’s shared spaces, and if you make a mess, clean it up! If you spill some food in the microwave, grab a paper towel and wipe it up.

If you used the last paper towel, get another one from the supply closet so it’s available for the next person. These are simple things that can make a difference.

Have the right supplies

You can’t expect to have an office kitchen always spotless if you don’t provide the right supplies. Ensure your employees have easy access to paper towels and wipes, surface sprays, dish soap, brushes, trash receptacles, garbage bags, recycling garbage cans, refrigerators, and adequate dishwashers.

You need as an employee, ask your manager or support services to stock your office kitchen if you haven’t already provided these necessities.

Hire a professional cleaning service - Keeping Your Office Kitchen Clean - cleanerslist

Implement basic guidelines

Some people aren’t as conscientious as others about keeping the office kitchen clean and tidy. So, it might be time to establish an office cleaning etiquette policy, which includes basic tasks such as cleaning, washing, or rinsing your dishes and not leaving old, spoiled food in the refrigerator.

Make sure everyone knows the rules. Inform them through your internal communications, in the regular staff newsletter, or simply through an email to all staff. Write it in inductions or handbooks for new employees so everyone who joins knows what to do.

Stick some signs on the kitchen walls to keep the policy visible and remind everyone of their responsibilities in this vital space in your workplace.

Set up a list

If guidelines or friendly reminders aren’t working, you may need to implement something more efficient. Creating a list tends to only work in smaller offices where you can better manage it. You can assign the kitchen cleaning task to one person per day, weekly, or have the tasks spread out a bit among a few people each week.


Having a group of people delegated to inspect the cleanliness of the office kitchen might be more efficient than the previous point. If your workplace has office clerks or support staff, it might be necessary to include these cleaning tasks in their daily duties.

It is also important to set regular chores for things not done frequently, such as cleaning the refrigerator or microwave. These appliances can become clogged with old food, bacteria, and mold in shared spaces. You could ask your support team to do this every week to keep things clean and sanitary for everyone.

It is not a pleasant job, and your staff may not be too happy about having to do it, especially if it wasn’t part of their job description before. You will probably have to manage unhappiness or find other benefits to balance it out.

Hire a professional cleaning service

Sometimes, it’s best to leave the cleaning to the experts! Professional cleaning is an excellent investment for your workplace – ensure your shared spaces stay healthy and clean to keep a happy staff!

Hiring professional cleaners can be an added expense and hassle if you run a small business, but a general office cleaning service is worth paying for.

Find the best cleaning professionals who can make a big difference in your office kitchen, taking care of all the tasks like cleaning tables and benches, vacuuming and mopping floors, emptying and cleaning garbage, among other tasks.

A regular cleaning service, even once a week, can significantly improve the overall cleanliness of your office and you can hire a professional domestic cleaner through CleanersList’s house cleaners app to help you with kitchen cleaning in your home.